by Tony McEnery and Andrew Hardie; published by Cambridge University Press, 2012

Directory of updated weblinks

The World Wide Web has become central to the practice of corpus linguistics — so, inevitably, a reasonable number of web addresses (URLs) had to be included in the book. But as time passes these links will become out-of-date. We will use this permanent site to host a list of all URLs from the printed book that no longer work, and provide either an updated link (if the reosurce has moved), or a suggestion for an alternative (if the resource has disappeared from the web altogether).

Updated links so far

As of this page's last update, there are no broken links that we know of in the printed book.

Report linkrot!

If you spot a URL in the printed book Corpus Linguistics: Method, theory and practice that no longer works - please use the form below to report it!

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We will add updates here on all links that we notice as rotted or that are reported to us as non-working.


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