#LancsBox: Lancaster Desktop Corpus Toolbox


How to get #LancsBox?

You can download #LancsBox from the following link. The same file works with all operating systems. By downloading #LancsBox you agree with the conditions of the license (CC BY-NC-ND).

How to use #LancsBox?

#LancsBox is completely portable and does not require installation. You can run it from your computer's hard drive or a memory stick. There are three easy steps to follow:

How to run #LancsBox with larger corpora?

#LancsBox is a powerful desktop system which allows working with small and mid-sized language corpora. The size of the corpus that can be processed with #LancsBox directly depends on how powerful your computer is. Look at tips on how to optimise your computer for running #LancsBox with larger or multiple small/mid-sized corpora.

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