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Primary publications

The primary publications for the ESC, which all research using the corpus must cite, are:

  • For ESC:Folio, ESC:Quartos, and vERSE:

    Culpeper, Jonathan, Hardie, Andrew, Demmen, Jane, Timperley, Matt and Hughes, Jennifer (in preparation). Supporting studying Shakespeare: Structural markup and grammatical annotation enhancing a corpus of the First Folio. Journal tbc.

  • For ESC:Comp:

    Demmen, Jane (submitted). Issues and challenges in compiling a corpus of early modern English plays for comparison with those of William Shakespeare. Journal tbc.

  • For ESC:EEBO:

    Murphy, Sean (2019). Shakespeare and his contemporaries: Designing a genre classification scheme for Early English Books Online 1560–1640. ICAME Journal 43(1): 59-82.

Other major publications

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Research publications using the ESC

As the terms of use points out, we ask users of the corpus to let us know about publications (journal articles, books, or chapters in edited collections) that make use of the ESC. This is optional, but very useful, as it allows us to maintain a “master bibliography” – the list below has been generated automatically from the references that have been submitted to date.

(There are no entries in the bibliography yet.)

Relevant conference papers & public talks

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