#LancsBox: Lancaster University corpus toolbox


What is #LancsBox?

#LancsBox is a new-generation software package for the analysis of language data and corpora developed at
Lancaster University Lancaster University
■ Leading research in corpus linguistics.
■ 2015 Queen's Aniversary Prize.
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New version of #LancsBox, #LancsBox X,is now available with full XML support and the ability to search very large corpora such as the BNC2014.

Main features of #LancsBox:

Acknowledgements: The development of #LancsBox was supported by ESRC grants ES/K002155/1 and EP/P001559/1.#LancsBox uses the multiple
third-party tools and librariesFull details are avaliable @ the credits page.
: Apache Tika, Gluegen, Groovy, JOGL, minlog, QuestDB, RSyntaxTextArea, smallseg and TreeTagger.

How to cite #LancsBox?

Brezina, V., Weill-Tessier, P., & McEnery, A. (2020). #LancsBox v. 5.x. [software]. Available at: http://corpora.lancs.ac.uk/lancsbox.

Brezina, V., Timperley, M., & McEnery, T. (2018). #LancsBox v. 4.x [software]. Available at: http://corpora.lancs.ac.uk/lancsbox.

Brezina, V., McEnery, T., & Wattam, S. (2015). Collocations in context: A new perspective on collocation networks. International Journal of Corpus Linguistics, 20(2), 139-173.

How does #LancsBox work?

#LancsBox is very easy to use.
Download #LancsBoxDownload directly now.
, load data and start the analysis straightaway. Below is a brief overview of the
main functionalities For more details, see the User guide.

#LancsBox team

Development team: Vaclav Brezina (Project Lead), William Platt (Developer) and Tony McEnery (Adviser).

Teaching materials coordinator: Dana Gablasova

Student helpers: Grace Edge (2018 SPRINT internship), (Samuel Armstrong, David Ellis (both 2017 SPRINT internship)

Former collaborators: Richard Easty, Matt Timperley (up to #LancsBox v. 4.x), Steve Wattam (GraphColl, v. 1)

Other collaborators: Zoe Broisson, Sophiko Daraselia (University of Leeds), Michael Gauthier (Université Lyon), Lukasz Grabowski, Sulene Pilon (University of Pretoria), Prihantoro (Lancaster University), Caroline Rossi (Université Grenoble Alpes)

We are looking for collaborators to help us develop #LancsBox support in
different languagesPlease get in touch @ v.brezina@lancaster.ac.uk.